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We're a passionate team of 11 engineers with over 100 years of combined experience. Our clients can attest to this: you'd never get a more laser-fast, professional, and tailored IT experience in Lisburn...

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Customers in Northern Ireland

We provide reliable IT management to over 55 different companies in Northern Ireland (and counting)


End Users Supported

We keep each of them satisfied. We provide speedy remote and on-site support (we're never more than 1hr away)


Tickets Processed & Closed

Every call is attended to by an IT expert that can provide near-instant solutions for your business

We've been at IT since 2003, helping businesses, one ticket at a time...

At MyITDepartment, we passionately believe that small to medium-sized enterprises deserve access to a dedicated team of IT experts, that essentially function as their in-house team.

We know first-hand the cost of hiring a full-time team. As important as an IT team may be to the growth of your SME, the costs of hiring an entire IT department could easily put you out of business.

To solve this problem for good, MyITDepartment was born in 2003. We genuinely function as your IT department, but with a twist... We provide you with a dedicated team of IT experts, at a fraction of the cost!

With 100+ years of combined experience, we have all the answers...

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of our customers, our staff, and their families. Everything we do is hinged upon this vision. Life is easier when you can have absolute peace of mind about work.

We help you stay confident, knowing that all IT issues at work will be fixed promptly! You can rest assured knowing that experts are proactively keeping the lights on, and intruders out of your business.

Clearly not a one-man band, our 11-man team successfully manages 2148 computers on a daily basis. One thing is certain, if you choose to rely on us, you're in safe hands. From cybersecurity to remote monitoring and maintenance, to help desk to full-service IT management, and more, look no further.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do


We go the extra mile to show that "we got your back", even if it means breaking our backs! This is not just marketing speak, all 1,631 humans we support can attest to this.


From the first month onwards, we earn your trust and aim to raise the bar with each new month. We defend you relentlessly before vendors, and consistently help you win!


Just as we respect ourselves, we respect you. We make it obvious by showing up on time, every time, with unique IT solutions that could only have come from decades of experience.

Long-term support

We're in it for the long haul. Because we're
invested in your company's success, we 
don't stop at providing an actionable roadmap
to growth, we walk you down that path...