IT Security

Every 19 seconds, one small to mid-sized enterprise is hacked in the UK. We proactively ensure you're not one of such, with bullet-proof cyber security services that keep hackers out.

IT Security

Cyber security &

With the whole world moving online, you cannot possibly keep relying on antivirus or VPN to keep your vital data secure. Imagine if your data was lost, or worse, stolen... It happens more often than you think, but we make sure it never happens to you.

Whether it is an outside attack or internal corruption, we help you secure your mission-critical data.

Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports
Enterprise-grade anti-virus and anti-malware
Onsite training to reduce human error are suggested
Data management systems ensure that everything is secure internally
IT Security

Cyber Action Roadmap

Our approach to your SME's cybersecurity is completely tailored to you while being compliant with government bodies. We provide you with an actionable roadmap, from your current cybersecurity climate, to where you need to be in a defined period of time and we walk that journey with you.

Realtime analytics
User analytics
Funnel optimization
A/B testing
IT Security

Cyber Risk Summary for Executives

As an executive, you deserve to know precisely what aspects of your IT infrastructure pose the greatest threat to your organisation. Rather than getting reports that are packed with complex cybersecurity jargon, we make your cyber state crystal clear to you, in terms you will understand.

Following industry-leading processes, we help executives see what areas may be a weak link to their company's security. With this understanding, we work with you to bring those risks to the bare minimum (and potentially eliminate all such risks and threats).

Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports
IT Security

Cyber Programme of Works

27% of all cyber incidents are caused by employees, as a result of this, we take the time and effort to train your staff to prevent breaches. Equipping your team to keep your organisation safe and compliant is only one aspect of ensuring bulletproof cybersecurity, we go the extra mile.

By following the world-class "7 layers of protection", we ensure that your IT environment is significantly less penetrable to intruders. We collaborate with you to make sure that your expectations are met as far as security goes. From the innermost layer, we protect your mission-critical assets...

1st layer: Data security
2nd layer: Application security
3rd layer: Endpoint security
4th layer: Network security
5th layer: Perimeter security
6th layer: Policies (proactive)
7th layer: Monitoring and response (reactive)
IT Security


We leave no stone unturned in the execution of cyber security measures. With us, the goal is not to provide the bare minimum protection and probable compliance. Our goal is to ensure that you can stay much more secure and compliant with government standards while assuring you of a secure backup plan in the event of a disaster.

Through a number of cyber security services (performed remotely and onsite), we work towards all-round protection for your growing business.

Phishing protection
Penetration testing
Cyber security awareness training
Multi-factor authentication
Social media protection
Data leak prevention
Password and access management
Advanced web filtering
Dark web monitoring